Wireless 3D Stereo Glasses Kit with Emitter for nVIDIA - 3D Vision Kit Substitution

  • $210.00
  • Save $185

Perfect Substitute for nVIDIA 3D VISION Kit

  • The gamer-inspired glasses have 20% larger lenses to give you the most viewing area with the least light leakage. They also work great with the innovative NVIDIA 3D LightBoost technology, which makes your screen up to 2x brighter for better 3D gaming and video viewing. Plus, NV2001 glasses are built from state of the art, softer materials designed to deliver more comfort and better fit.

  • Make sure your PC has the required components and OS to experience 3D Vision: Windows 7 or later, NV GTX460 graphics card or later, nVIDIA Certified 3d 120hz Monitors.

  • New nVIDIA Certified 3d Monitors (Not shown on nVIDIA website): ASUS (PG278Q, VG248QE, PG248Q, PG278QR, PG27VQ), BENQ (XL2420G, XL2411Z, XL2720Z, XL2411, XL2411P, XL2720), AOC (G2460PG), PHILIPS(272G5DYEB), ACER (XB240H Abpr, XB270H Abprz, GN246HL Bbid), DELL (S2417DG, S2716DG).     

What's in the box:
  • Wireless 3D Glasses
  • Emitter
  • Charging Cable (Black)
  • Data Cable for Emitter (Blue)
  • Glasses Pouch
  • Cleaning Cloth
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Important notes:
  • NV2001 is NOT a NVIDIA product, is a nVidia GeForce 3D Vision Kit Substitution.

  • Please let us know if anything is not clear or if you have any questions.