3D Active Glasses for 3D SYNC with RF 2.4G & Transmitter

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  • 2.4G RFID Technology, connect the transmitter to 3D projectors, LED screen controllers or 3D SYNC video cards to enjoy large screen 3D video. 

  • Active 3D glasses: Frequency - 96~144Hz; Transmission: 38%±2; Distance: 30m+;
  • Transmitter: EMT100 works with 1~300 glasses; EMT300 works with 300+ glasses.
  • Supports Optoma projectors with 3D SYNC like: HD26 3DW1, HD33, HD25, HD25E, HD83, HD90, HD50, HD91, HD92 1080ST, HD260s.
  • Your orders will ship from our Chinese warehouse. Average arrival time is 10- 20 days, depends on the destination.

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