3D Active Shutter Glasses for DLP-Link Projectors, Lightweight MX30

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Lightweight 3D Glasses for DLP-Link Projectors

  • DLP-Link sync method, quickly works with all DLP-Link projectors, Compatible with Optoma/BenQ/Acer/Vivitek/Panasonic/Dell/Viewsonic/LG/Samsung/Mitsubishi DLP-Link projectors.

  • Adopts the newest active shutter technology, super fast 144Hz refresh rate, high definition, no ghosting images, no flickering, delivers a great 3D viewing experience for you !

  • Built-in high capacity rechargeable battery, continuous working 45 hours after fully charged with USB , standby time 180 days; Auto 5 seconds Stand by and 5 minutes Shut Off, save energy and stable.

  • Lightweight and portable, also can be worn very comfortably in front of regular glasses, comfortable to wear for a long time .
  • Size: For Adult
  • Ratio: 1000:1±200
  • Frequency: 96/100/120/144Hz
  • Working Current: <1.2mA
  • Work Hours: 45±5hr
  • Battery Lifespan: 0°C-45°C
  • Storage Temperature: -10°C-60°C
  • Power Supply: 3.7V 80mAH
  • Transmission: 38%±2
  • Response Time: 2ms±0.5ms
  • View Angle: 150°(L/R 75°)
  • SYNC Operation: White light DLP Link
  • Work Humidity: 20%-80%RH
  • Atmospheric Pressure: 86kPa-106kPa
  • Weight: 27g/0.95oz
What's in the box?
  • 3D Glasses
  • Charging Cable
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Support BenQ models:W1070、MX520、W080ST、W1080、W1070、W700、W710ST、EP5328、MW284B、MX614、MX703、MX615+、MP511+、MP612C、MP626、MP670、MP722、MP722ST、MP776、MP777、MX615、MX703、MP510、MP511、MP612C、MP626、MP670、MP722、MP722ST、MP766ST、MP777、BPS527、EP4127C、EP4227C、EP4742、EP5328、MW860UST、MS500、MS500+、MW516、NW512、NW516、MW712、NW714、NW721、NW284B、MP780ST+、TH700、TS500、TS5275、TSW516 TX510、TX615、TX762ST、GP10、GP2、MW851UST、MX850UST、MS513P-V、MS513P、MS510、MX511、MS612ST、MS514P、MX764、MX813ST、MX501、 MX763、 MX762ST、MX713ST、MX711、MX712UST、MX710、MX760、MX761、MX660、MX613ST、、MX615+ MP777 MP778、MP780ST、MP780ST+、MP511+ 、MP612C、MP626 、EP4737、W710ST、W600+.
  • Support Optoma models:3DW1、DH5101、DK3902、DN3613、DM137、DM181、DM3505、DM181、ES551、EW533ST、EW536、EW610ST、EWEX551、EX539、EW775、EX565UT、EX762、EX779、EX779P、EX785、HD33、HD83、IS500、XE149、X118、XE151、XE3503、EW531、 GT360、Pro350W、TX762、HD33、HD5101、XE3503、XE149、EX610ST、EW775.
  • Support Viewsonic models:PJD5133、PJD5523、PJD5233、PJD5152、PJD5211、PJD5122、PJD5352、PJD5133、PJD5123、PJD5231、PJD5221、PJD5261、PJD5353、PJD5223、PJD5123、PJD6233、PJD6381、PJD6211upgrade、PJD6251、PJD6221、PJD6531w、PJD6212、PJD6211P、PJD7383i、PJD7383、PJD7382、PJD8450w、Pro8500、PLED-W200、PLED-W500、SD7、VS12585、EQ48.
  • Support Acer models:D315、D302、D101E、D303、EV-S21T、EV-S22T、 EV-S50、H5360、K330、M114、P5205、P5206、P3251、P1206、P1203、P1101、P1201、S5201M、S5200、S5201、U5200、X1110、X1213、X1161A、X1210、X1261、X1110A、X1261P、X1213P、X1213PH、X1120H、X1220H、X1320WH、X1161PA、X1211K、 X1211、 P1100、P1200、 s5201、P5290、D101E、 D411D.
Important notes:
  • Incompatible with Epson projectors, can't work with TVs.
  • Click the power button again to flip the left and right if you don't see 3D effects.
  • Please kindly confirm that there is a  "DLP" label on your projector.
  • Your orders will ship from our Chinese warehouse. Average arrival time is 10- 20 days, depends on the destination.